As another 12 months draws to a close, and 2016 approaches, I like to look back and reflect on the year.

Before I delve into my personal insight into this year, I wanted to leave behind some parting advice for the impending New Year 😀

I have learned that having hope is a little spark within the darkness which tells you not to give up, to see there can be light-no matter how dim or small the light, and that in order to have optimism is the pathway to positivity, courage and belief.

I also firmly believe that amongst the craziness, stress and pressure in and from our daily lives, taking the time to just stop or slow down every now and then, or even every day is important. Whether that be in listening to music, meditating, going for a run, stepping outside and catching some fresh air, or watching a funny video- do something for yourself. I have often found that I perhaps didn’t utilise the time as much as I should have, leading to some regrets. This leaves me with the point to enjoy the present moment before you, and look ahead, but also leave time to just live in the moment, and really make the most of it.

Life is about enjoying what you have, experiencing the ups and downs, taking life by the reigns and ultimately living YOUR life. It is about finding things you love, things you dislike, pursuing your dreams, making mistakes, lifelong learning, making the most of opportunities presented before you, and being yourself. Every one leads different lives, and is unique, their own individual self.

So all-in-all, I want to wish you all a spectacular 2016 ahead, and hope that it provides joy, safety, peace, comfort, security, good health and new adventures for you 😀

This is a bit of a run down of my year:


I was spending time on school holidays with my siblings, caught up with friends, watched movies, did a LOT of baking and just tried to make the most of the time.



This is the month indicating back to school! I started Year 10 and basically tried to settle back into a routine!


In this month, I went to the Enlighten Festival with my brother, mum and family friends, participated in the Relay For Life and had the school fair, which were some of my highlights.

IMG_4172 (1)IMG_4324


Relay For Life! It was my third time participating in it, and it is always such an emotional but hopeful, and incredible experience to be a part of.


This month my dreams came true when I met my role model and inspiration Therese Kerr, and also my gorgeous friend from Instagram, Anastasia. This month, I also enjoyed celebrating Easter, and school holidays as well! 😀 I too felt incredibly blessed to attend the Dawn Service at the Australian War Memorial among so many members from and outside the ACT to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, and ANZAC Day in its entirety. God bless.


Enjoying Easter!


IMG_4485 (1).PNG

These two souls are so genuine, pure and absolutely incredible, and I feel so blessed and are grateful to have them in my life 😀

IMG_4555 (1)

My siblings and I had a great day at our friend’s farm for the school holidays!

IMG_4546 (1)

Miniature donkeys!!


This month what stood out for me was raising awareness and the charitable attitudes of my school who had just finished raising money for the World’s Greatest Shave, Cancer Council but also for what was happening in Nepal. Also travelling to the Sydney Holocaust Museum was an incredibly eye-opening and almost surreal experience for me. In the last few weeks I was also gearing up for my Semester 1 exams!!


I also had an Expo introducing me to Years 11 and 12, and got this hat from ADFA


This month my brother celebrated his 12th birthday and also celebrated the end of Semester 1 at school.



A majority of this month was spent on holidays. I went to Sydney with my family and completed in my first 10km fun run, then spent a week in Taree. It was such a beautiful and very relaxing holiday! 😀


This month was back to school for Semester 2! We did the 40 Hour Famine which is an amazing cause, and in return also did some fundraising through the Winter Sleepout which was a lot of fun! My school too also did Book Week where I went as the Yellow Wiggle with some of my gorgeous friends!



This is one of my favourite months because of Floriade!


This was the month of the Nara Candle Festival, Halloween, more Floriade visits and also my 16th birthday!


This month I had Semester 2 exams, went on City Express to Sydney at the end of the month, and found that things at school were starting to wind down a bit.



It wouldn’t be right visiting Madame Tussaud’s and not getting a photo with Rihanna 😛


This last 31 days of the year was crazy busy with end of year celebrations, graduating from Year 10, my Year 10 dinner dance (formal), moving into a new house and Christmas. But it was also a very reflective and exciting month I am very grateful to have finished this year off with! 🙂 😀

And to finish off is my annual Flipagram!