As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday the 11th of May, it is important to look back at the meaning of this day. I just noticed that rhymed 😛 When I look it up, a definition I came across was;

Mother’s Day is a celebration that is meant to honour mothers and rejoice motherhood, maternal bonds and the power of mothers in the society.”


Basically Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate, honour and give thanks for all the amazing things Mums do. Shower her with love, spoil her with presents and despite any struggles from the past, be grateful to have someone you call Mum.


My Mum is my hero, biggest supporter, helper and best friend! I tend to get really angry, frustrated, impatient or annoyed with her, but in spite of all that, deep down inside I love her so much and couldn’t be any more thankful for her. In class this week I had to write a persuasive essay based around who I thought should get the metaphorical ‘Hero Award’. I chose to write about my Mum, as she managed to make a new life for herself after moving to Australia at the age of 14, overcame the struggles that came with living in a new country and for representing the ‘Super Mum’ qualities she has. I love my mum so much, and without all her support, care and unconditional love for me (along with the rest of my family), I wouldn’t be the person I am today. She has made a massive impact on me and is someone I am proud to call my mum.

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Appreciate everything your Mum has done for you and show your mum that admiration not only on Mother’s Day, but as much as you can any other time.

“For moments will fly by in life, and you should make the most of it with the ones you love.”


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and I hope you can celebrate this special day surrounded by the ones you love 😀 ❤