On the ‘Good vs Bad Fats post’, I mentioned sharing a post about healthier food swaps and alternatives for overall healthier nutrition choices.

I have included a table below with examples of foods and what kind of switches you can make! If you have one that wasn’t included in the table or any questions about certain foods or reasons behind the swaps, let me know through the comments and I can try find out for you!



 Swap this……………………………………..For this!!

Butter/margarine Olive/vegetable/coconut etc. oil
Full cream milk Skim/nut/soy milk
Potato chips Air popped popcorn or kale/sweet potato/beetroot/spinach chips
Eggs Chia seeds, egg whites, tofu
Pizza dough crust Cauliflower
Sour cream/thickened cream Plain or Greek yoghurt
Croutons Nuts
Red Meat White meat 
White or brown sugar Maple syrup, rice malt syrup, honey, splenda, natvia, agave nectar, stevia, apple sauce or vanilla essence
Mayonnaise/ salad dressing Lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, coconut oil or avocado
French fries Carrot/zucchini/sweet potato chips
White rice Black/brown rice or quinoa
Ice-cream Healthy banana ice-cream or frozen yoghurt
Fruit juice/soft drinks Homemade smoothies/juices, coconut water or fruit water (water with chopped fruit)
Coffee Tea
Breakfast cereal Fresh fruit w/yoghurt, oatmeal/porridge or muesli
Table salt Himalayan rock salt or just use more herbs and spices
Taco shells Lettuce leaves
Chocolate chips Cacao nibs
Lollies Frozen fruit (grapes, blueberries, watermelon etc.)
Spring rolls Fresh vietnamese rice paper rolls
Cheese Reduced fat or nut (cashew)cheese