Meet Linzi!

Linzi is someone I came across through Instagram, and instantly I noticed what a shining soul she was! She is a constant source of inspiration and positivity in my life! Her posts and words always make me feel better and are really inspiring! Enjoy reading and learning about Linzi!! 🙂


Hi everyone! I’m Linzi and I’m an 18-year-old business and accounting student living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Basically, my aim in life is just to be happy and to influence and inspire others to be happy too. I love meditation, crystal healing, angel oracle cards and healthy eating. I love pink and glitter and good music and sunny days spent with friends. Every day, I try my best. I try to be a good person, I try to be happy and I try to make a difference to other peoples lives. Despite previous and ongoing struggles, I am determined to get to where I want to be and be who I’m destined to be. Namaste!

Favourite colour/s?


Milk, white or dark chocolate?

All chocolate! But especially dark.

Star sign?


Future career?

Health coach

Lucky number?


Favourite season?



21st November.

Favourite flower?


Eye colour?


Hair colour?


Favourite type of movie/s?

I’m a sucker for romantic films but I also love crime/action films.

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    What are your 3 top tips for Treasuring Yourself?

Use positive affirmations daily, take time every day to recharge your batteries and don’t be afraid to be a little selfish sometimes and take yourself out on dates! Visit your favourite places, restaurants and watch your favourite films.

     How do you personally achieve a balanced lifestyle?

It’s all about loving yourself. When you love yourself, you naturally want to do things that benefit you and that you love doing. In terms of balance, I just make sure I plan my time well to ensure I have time for both work and play!

   Where can we find you?

Instagram: unlockyourpotential

Twitter: linzithreipland

Facebook: TreasuringMyself


Next week I will also be sharing a Meet Linzi Part 2 post, and she will be digging deeper and sharing some personal information with you guys about living with mental health issues.