2013 was a really good year for me personally! There were many amazing times which turned into memories that I won’t forget.

I learned so many things that I will take on board with me throughout my life, I met, got to know and grew closer to some amazing people and achieved so many of my goals within school and home things.

I love photography and I wanted to share some of my highlights and  memories through photos.


I spent Australia Day cooking up a BBQ with my family, to raise money for the ACT Fire Brigade.


The Relay For Life was such a memorable experience. It was so fun being able to participate in the event and although I was really sick when partaking, it is still such a wonderful memory to look back on.


The 2013 Year 8 Leadership Induction.


Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at school. Mum had a really great time which was really good!


Participating in the ACT Cross Country at Stromlo.


Meeting Llamas at my Dad’s work (Master’s) to celebrate one year since their opening.

Capture Capture 2

I also did two interviews for the lovely Linzi and Summah. Thank you guys so much for letting me contribute to your sites!


The Middle School Disco was such a fun event to plan along with my fellow leaders! Some things I will remember from that night is one of the rooms filled with a massive pile of shredded paper to resemble snow (as the theme was Winter Wonderland) and hiding confectionery in it as part of game. Aswell as the disco ending with the fire alarm going off, due to the smoke machine!


At Floriade with my mum, siblings and family friends!


Participating at the ASC Athletics. I was exhausted by the end of the day but also really proud!!


Celebrating my 14th birthday.


Middle School End of Year Celebration.


Middle School End of Year Fun Day at Big Splash! I had so much fun and is a day I won’t forget!


Family holiday at Taree. I miss the beach!


My friends and I in a photo for a 2013 Year 8 Foundation representation.


The Year 8 play: 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play. This was such a nerve-wracking, new but fun experience!


The Year 8 Casual is also a night I will always remember. I hadn’t danced as much I did that night, in such a long time! It was so fun to celebrate the end of our Middle School journeys with everyone and just have a good time together! 🙂

I have also created a 30 second Flipagram with some of my favourite times and memories from throughout 2013.


If you can’t view the video, you can also find it at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/114650321@N02/12199847105/